Food Drug Interactions take a careful

Antihistamines vs alcohol
Your allergies are on the offensive , but you also have a dinner unless you want to face plant in your eggplant Parmesan, it’s best to skip the booze if you plan on taking something for those itchy, watery eyes; the drowsiness caused by antihistamines can be amplified by alcohol
Antibiotic vs milk
If you’re fighting something like UTI with quinlone antibiotic , breakfast may have to be a little less milky , unless you’re becoming attached to that burning when you pee sensation , iron rich diary and calcium fortified juices will stop your ability to fight infection ,sorry poured bowl of cereal .
Antidepressant vs cheese
You’re in Paris about to do the whole baguette and fromage thing , but if you’re on an MAO inhibitor , you must refrain unless you want to feel like a near death stressed new Yorker . mixing these drugs and tyramine rich food liked aged cheese can cause a deadly rise blood pressure . merde !
Anticoagulant vs broccoli
Unless you’re ready to take the ” blood is thicker than water ” idea to literal level .
Eat vitamin k rich food cautiously if you’re on warfarin , foods high in vitamin k like broccoli and leafy greens can essentially shut off the drug’s blood thininng properties . 
Bronchodilators vs coffee
If you to be a coffee lover and asthma sufferer , you may have noticed the airway opening benefits of caffeine in your morning ( afternoon, evening ) cup of jo ,but, caffeine can also increase the side effects of bronchodilators , including excitability , nervousness ,and rapid heartbeat , so you may need to opt for decaf 
NSAIDs vs Cola
You have headache from 3 o’clock slump hell and plan to take care of it whit an ibuprofen and cola combo , your liver will not thank you for this  ; NSAIDs absorption is increased if downed with a coke , scale back the dosage or take with something else .

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